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About The Game

Card Chronicles is a mobile fantasy card game in which you’ll traverse various regions, take part in an epic story and put your wits to the test against a diverse range of opponents in this action packed, strategic card battle game. Choose your creatures, execute your strategies and conquer your enemies!

Card Exchange

In order to be among the best, you’ll have to be properly equipped. There’s a variety of cards in the game, which all have special abilities and strengths. In order to make the best possible team, you’ll have to trade cards in the shop, win battles, earn money and purchase new cards. You can also sell unwanted creatures to get your next game-changer!

Turn Favourite's into Your Best

Everybody will have their favourite cards and Card Chronicles’ unique levelling system will allow you to make your favourite cards even stronger! The more you battle with a specific creature, the better they will get. Use special items to enhance their statistics and create creatures that will make your opponents dread challenging you!


The dynamic battle system of Card Chronicles ensures that no two fights are identical. Use your tactical knowledge to anticipate your opponent’s moves and counter with your own heavy hitting beasts. use the unique layout of the arena to your advantage by cutting off routes of attack and blocking opponents from damaging your creatures. Your decision making, tactical knowledge and combat nous will be pushed to the limit. Are you ready?

Barons and Baronesses

And their regions within the world


Matthius Veros



Sarona Yui



Elsire Rose



Ronan Morish



Flint Loresky


Comming soon to

01 brand
02 brand